ACT 3500 Franchise @ 5.5L

ACT 3500 Franchise @ 5.5L

Key Features

In this option Company Install The machine on royalty base option.

Total Investment in this option is INR. 5,50,000 + Tax (99,000) = 6,49,000 + Shipping.

With machine we provide pre loaded tokens with which you can do the business of INR. 10,67000.

Once Pre loaded tokens are over you can get the same via on-line Recharge (which is our Royalty Income)

**Payback Period is Approx. 60 to 90 Days according to Machine Capacity.

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GIRIRAJ IEOHHO De-Carbonization System.

The Technology of Ionized Electrolytic Ortho Hydrogen & Oxygen (IEOHHO) De-carbonization system was developed by us in the year 2001 & the same was patented by Sunil S. Dharaiya (Owner of GIRIRAJ  ELECTRONICS). 

In this Technology, the original Fuel line of the engine is not disconnected and no any chemical in the fuel is added. Even the cylinder head or any other parts of the engine are not required to be opened. Thus, this is the safest technology. If this process is carried out on regular basis, the same is not harmful for the engine as well as Environment like chemical process or physical process.

The Machine is having In-built CPU with Smart Interactive Touch Screen. So, one can see each & every process on this Screen. This Machine is equipped with In-built UPS & the same has been Manufactured as per International Safety Standard. Apart from this we also have other models of IEOHHO Units for various Industrial applications where you can easily replace most dangerous Gases like Acetylene, Propane, LPG, CNG & also use in Diesel Generators to get more fuel Efficiency & more life of Diesel Engine. By using this technology in Diesel Generator one can even reduce Maintenance cost & save Environment which is a big role of this Technology. 

During the process of Engine De-carbonization we just insert IEOHHO gas into the air intake of engine via Air hose of Air filter along with fuel & run the engine for 20 Min. to Approx. 2Hrs. or as per requirement depending upon the engine condition. So, this process is 100% safe.ngine

We want to market this product all over the world & with this Machine anyone can clean the Engine internally & remove all the Extra Carbon Deposits. This Machine can work for 2 wheelers up to 500cc & 4 wheelers up to 3500cc.  

Various models are also available for Buses, Trucks & other applications.

  • Price(shipping Included): 670000
  • Price(Ex-Factory): 670000

Product Technical Specification: 

Model: ACT 3500
Use: 2 & 4 Wheeler Chemical Free Carbon Cleaning Treatment Up-to 3500 cc..
Technology: Fully Computerized IEOHHO based Technology.
Certification & Safety Standards: “CE” & comply with all international safety standards.
Power Supply: Smart power supply which is Communicate with CPU.
CPU: Highly advance CPU with interactive smart Touch Screen.
UPS: In-built UPS to protect the CPU.
Power Source: 230V AC/50Hz or 110V AC/50-60Hz. As per requirement.
Size: L  x W  x H  Approx.
Weight: Kgs. Approx.
Available Colours: Gray. (Other Colour available against specific Bulk Requirement)
Simplicity of operations:

One can do the complete process even without opening any part of the engines & without disconnecting any wiring of your vehicle.

Class of protection: IP-65.
Contain: ACT 3500 x 1, Gas Pipe x 1, Operating Manual x 1.

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The Mentioned Price for this product is Including Shipping Across INDIA.

We Dispatch this product Across INDIA by Surface Courier.

One can get this product at same cost from our Authorised Dealer, Distributor or Franchise Across INDIA. However Installation cost to be payable to Dealer, Distributor or Franchise.

Delivery Time: Ready Stock or 15 Days.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1.