1KW i-Smart Cleaning System.

1KW i-Smart Cleaning System.

Key Features

Keeping panels clean is crucial for optimum energy production of any Solar Plants.

Operation & Maintenance of Large Solar Plants requires huge Capital & Labour intensive process as well as High Maintenance cost of cleaning System itself.

Traditional cleaning method involves huge amount of Maintenance cost as well as Man power. Even after this, the life of panels is reduced considerably because of scratches due to dusting removal process.

To resolve all the above issues, GIRIRAJ Introduce i-Smart Solar Panel Cleaning System.

Features of the i-Smart Solar Panel Cleaning System are as under:

No Man Power Required: Because GIRIRAJ Panel Cleaning System is operated without any ground staff!!!

Remote operation by Mobile without Internet or Data pack: Complete system works remotely by Mobile, without Data pack or Internet connection.

Remote operation over the Internet: Possible to operate the system over Internet from anywhere in the World. (Product available against Specific Requirement)

Maintenance Free: No User Serviceable Parts are used in the system. Hence no need for periodic Maintenance like replacement of Wiper blade, BLDC Motor, Battery Pack, Cleaning Brush, Cleaning Pad, Belt, Pulley, Bearing, Flexible Water Hose, Hose connection etc…

Shadow free Operation: Even during cleaning time the system is 100% Shadow free.

Time Saving: Capable to clean 1MW Panels within 30 to 45 Min. (i.e. Single system is capable to clean the 1 MW Plant panels within Max. 45 Min.)

Increases life of toughened glass: As during cleaning process nothing is in Contact with glass. Hence No chance of scratch during cleaning process.

Save Money: As this system is Human less, no need to pay salary for Panel Cleaning Maintenance staff. As no serviceable parts are used in the system, Maintenance cost for the system is almost Zero.

100% Human Safety: As complete system is operated remotely, 100% Human safety & saves Human lives.

Plant Safety: Physical damage to the plant due to human mistake by Driving etc. is 100% avoided. Because of this the plant is more safe.

Increase power Generation: By Regular cleaning of the panels one can get up-to 30% more energy production. This enables the plant to run on Optimum Level.

Low Power Consumption: Variable from 0.5 HP to 5 HP.

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  • Price(shipping Included): 6199
  • Price(Ex-Factory): 5900

Technical Specifications:

Installation Type: Permanent Fix System.

Operation Mode: By Mobile without Internet or Data pack (By Default), Over the Internet against specific requirement.

Software: Android. (Provided with user ID & password)

Suitable Plant Size: 100% Customized.

Protection: The system provides protection to the panel against damage. If Module Temperature is high the system will indicate the same & will not start the cleaning process.

Plant Size: 1Kw.

Cleaning Time: 3 Min.

Approx. Water Usage: 42 Ltrs.

Power Consumption in Full Process: 0.03KWh

Packaging Info:

Multi Zone Mobile Cleaning Unit: 1.

Software: 1 (Link Provided)

Note: Kit does not include the Nozzles, Pump as well as PVC Pipe fittings & it’s accessories.

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