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AUTO TUNERS is an ISO Certified Company Established in the year 2014 & group company of GIRIRAJ ELECTRONICS an ISO Certified company established in the year 1988 & leading manufacturer for various Electronic items of domestic as well as industrial uses.


(1) Engine Treatment:
We market ACT-3500 product all over the world & with this Machine anyone can clean the Engine internally & remove all the Extra Carbon Deposits. This Machine can work for 2 wheelers up to 500cc & 4 wheelers up to 3500 cc.

We also have a range for engines upto 20000 cc.

(2) GIRIRAJ H2O Kits:
We have a complete range of
GIRIRAJ H2O Kit for Automobile Industries. We have a complete range of this kit from 150 cc Engine to 45000 cc Engine. By using this product in any type of vehicle you can save any type of Fuel like Petrol, Diesel, CNG or LPG & you can also save the Environment. GIRIRAJ have started their R & D on this project in the year 1999 & Developed complete range by end of year 2002. After various trials & Testing  GIRIRAJ launches the same in the market in the year 2006. At present this product is PATENTED as well as  also “CE” Certified.

(3) Car Performance & Economy Tuning service:
In this service we Tuned MPFI Cars & bikes as well as Diesel Cars, Bikes, Trucks & Tractor for Economy or Performance service for racing applications. For this we have our own various Tuning & testing Facilities. This Facility is developed after in-depth trials on various vehicles.

(4) Car Scanning Services:
We also offer Scanning services for various Cars to know the exact condition of Engine & various ECU Sensors. This service is most useful for Car Mechanic, Car Consultant & for the person who is interested to purchase secondhand Cars.

(5) Car Endoscopy:
We offer complete Engine Endoscopy service for the person who wants to know the condition of Engine Piston, Piston ring, Bore etc. This service is most useful for the person who wants to know the Engine condition before sale or buy the Car.

(6) Car ECU Back-up Service:
With this service one can store the complete Back-up of Car ECU Program & if in future Original ECU is damaged in that case they can purchase the new Blank ECU from open market & restore the same with our Back-up Program.


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