Product Comparison

H2O / HHO Kit LPS 150

Benefits after installation of  LPS 150 H2O Kits.

Increase in Torque & bhp of the Engine:

  • Which results in getting more Pick-up Power, less use of gear shifting & makes it easy  Overtaking on Highway.
  • Hill Climbing is also easy & fun due to more Torque & bhp.


Reduces Noise & Vibration:

  • Which reduce maintenance cost & driving is fun due to silent & smooth Engine.


Increase in mileage:

  • 10% to 30% can be easily achieved in 2 wheeler. However, in certain cases increase up-to 50% or more is observed.


Less carbon deposits:

  • Which Increases life of Engine, Engine oil & Oil filter.
  • Increases life of Spark Plug, Fuel Injectors & Nozzles.


VCT System:

  • Increases life of Electrical accessories.


Drastically reduced unburned fuel ratio:

  • Reduces Maintenance cost up-to 50%.
  • Reduces Emission which helps us to save Environment & so one is able to contribute to climate change issues while driving!!!!!!!

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