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  1. changes done to the original fitment of the car. After the treatment, there was an immediate change in the performance of the car. Previously I was getting average economy of around 12 on highways (Chevrolet Cruse). After the treatment I immediately got the economy of 15 on the highway.Also the turbo lag which I was getting earlier was gone after the treatment. The sound of the engine changed bit after the treatment and the performance became smooth.I felt like the car I was driving was in brand new condition (engine wise) even after 64,000 kms. Overall it was a very good treatment and surely recommendable to car enthusiasts.

  2. Following is my experience after car clearing:

    My old car (2008 Model SANTRO,  1,03,000 Kms) was cleaned 3 month ago with Carbon Treatment Machine at Auto Tuners. After cleaning, I have experienced a paradigm shift in pick-up, engine smoothness and emission. Average boosted up from 23 Km/Kg to 31 Km/Kg of CNG, which is consistent till now. Oil change is less frequently required. It seems car has a re-birth !

  3. I appreciate the technology, developed by Auto Tuners. My all cars one petrol & two diesel cars run superb. After engine treatment car runs as good as new.
    Following effect observed by me after treatment.
    Knocking removed.
    Vibration removed.
    Restore average.
    Restore pick-up or may be increase little more.
    Over all wow performance.

  4. 4 month before I visit Auto Tuners, for my indica vista car engine treatment. After treatment really extremely excellent performance. I feels like I am driving new car.

  5. We purchase one kit before 3-4 month at that time before installation of kit average of my vehicle is 51(HONDA ACTIVA), After installation of kit average increase & gives us 75.  




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