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Can my vehicle be tuning at my place of work or home or do I need to come to you?
What about towing power of vehicles?
Is your tuning service is available for Petrol or Diesel?
How soon I expect to get my vehicle Tuned after I place an order along with your Payment?
What do you do exactly?
Is it safe for the vehicle?
Why don’t the manufacturers do it?
What warranty do you give?
Please explain what is Tuning?
Do you offer a trial period?
What about insurance?
Do you keep a record of our original & final tuning parameters?
Does it affect the manufacturer warranty?
How does the tuning improve the vehicle?
What do diesel add-on tuning boxes do?
What is Torque?
What is BHP (Break horsepower)?
What is NM (Newton metre)?
What about emissions? Will my Diesel car smoke?
What about Naturally aspirated engines?

AUTO TUNERS Car Tuning service can come direct to your door within our service area – that could be your home, office or any other location which is suitable to you. We do not charge you extra to serve you at your doorstep. After receiving your order, we will contact you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet and tune your vehicle. But if your car is required to take our workshop in that case we may need your vehicle for 1 day to 1 week depends upon your vehicle.


















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